Above and beyond your expectations.

With our full-service real estate and farm management program, Murray Wise Associates provides you a multitude of top-notch services:

  1. Make regular on-farm visits to provide technical assistance necessary in supervising the modern farming operation
  2. Prepare detailed farm reports, as well as develop projected budgets, cropping plans and cash flow projections for your farm
  3. Use our influential buying power for all farm inputs and pass any discounts received on to you and the farm operator
  4. Incorporate our powerful knowledge of all marketing alternatives with modern marketing practices to sell commodities
  5. Track all receipts and disbursements through individual farm accounts and maintain complete accounting records
  6. Submit monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements to you—and prepare duplicate records for income tax purposes
  7. Recommend a leasing arrangement, prepare detailed written leases and select a farm operator for you, in order to complement your ownership goals and objectives
  8. Evaluate, recommend, and oversee property maintenance and improvement plans to maximize the long-term performance and value of your farm—houses, tiling, irrigation, sheds, grain storage, etc.