Tenant Relations and Lease Options

Managing tenant relationships and lease options to meet your unique needs.

In the interest of our clients and their valuable assets, Murray Wise Associates works with only the most progressive operators in the industry. Our farmers are using leading-edge technologies in your fields to not only create efficient and profitable operations this year, but also protect the value of your asset for years to come.

Farm management is an attractive option for investors that need a right-hand-man to provide industry insight and on-site management. We offer the following lease options to our clients:

  • Crop Share Leases—Annual income and crop expenses are divided between the landlord and the tenant.
  • Custom Operation—All income and expenses are received by the landlord, and a tenant is hired to complete the actual farming practices with his or her own machinery.
  • Bushel Leases—The landlord receives a certain percent of the bushels produced or a specific number of bushels grown on the farm and pays no crop expenses.
  • Cash Rent Leases—The landlord receives a specific amount of money for rent on the farm and pays no crop expenses.
  • Direct Operation—The landlord provides all the equipment, pays all expenses and receives all income from the property, and labor is hired to complete the specific farming operations.