We know the farmland market. And we know the buyers.

We know that selling your land or farming operation is one of the biggest decisions a landowner can make. It will be a large transaction, generally accompanied by some level of familial and emotional involvement, and is a once-in-a-lifetime event for many. With the sheer size, importance, and uniqueness of this type of transaction, you want to be sure that the utmost care, expertise, and professionalism is at work for you. The experts at Murray Wise Associates have been active in farmland sales for decades. They will walk you through your options, recommend the best method of sale, expose your property to qualified buyers, and help you execute a successful transaction that meets your goals and expectations.

Depending on the type of property, the confidentiality of the sale, and the profile of the perspective universe of buyers, Murray Wise Associates will work with you to recommend a preferred method of sale:

Private Sale

  • Allows the property to remain on the market as long as needed
  • Reduces pressure on buyers
  • Lets you set the price you want
  • Provides targeted advertising efforts in defined markets
  • Promotes selling flexibility

Investment Offering

  • Provides opportunities for clients with high-dollar properties
  • Targets only a select number of potential buyers
  • Will not make sale public
  • Usually no price is attached; we work with the individual investor

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